Lauren Underwood | IL-14

MSN | MPH | Dept of Health and Human Services Advisor | Public Health Research

Lauren is an accomplished nurse and former Senior Advisor at HHS who has the kind of direct experience with the healthcare system to really make a difference in Congress. Leadership Now Member Steve Weiss interviewed her and was particularly impressed by her commitment to objective redistricting and using academic studies to formulate policy positions.

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Primary: March 20 (won primary)

Sean Casten | IL-06

MS Engineering | Clean energy entrepreneur

 Sean Casten is a renewable energy investor with two engineering degrees from Dartmouth who is committed to protecting climate research. Leadership Now Member Mariam Alsikafi interviewed Sean and was particularly impressed by his commitment to our values of science and facts based policy.

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Primary: March 20  (won primary)


Kara Eastman | NE-02

MSW | Nonprofit Executive

A social worker by trade, Kara knows what it means to lead and to serve. For more than a decade, she built a nonprofit that fought for healthy, lead-free housing for kids in Omaha and will bring that experience to Congress. 

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Primary: May 15


Dean Phillips | MN-03

MBA | Business Owner

A graduate of Brown and the University of Minnesota, Dean has led and grown several businesses in Minnesota from small coffee shop chains to the internationally known brand, Talenti Gelato. Dean recognizes that he has been given many opportunities not afforded to others and views service in Congress as a continuation of his responsibility to give back to his Minnesota community.

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Primary: August 14


Angie Craig | MN-02

Business Leader | Med Tech Executive

From newspaper reporter to a manager of a 16,000+ person workforce, Angie knows how to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. She comes from humble beginnings and is ready to bring both her life experience and her management experience to Congress.  

She and her wife have raised their four sons in the district, where they are integral parts of the community.  

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Primary: August 14


Colin Allred | TX-32

JD | Attorney | Department of Housing and Urban Development | NFL

From linebacker to law student and election lawyer, Colin has an unusual background for a Congressman, but he knows the ins and outs of elections better than most. After defending voting rights in Texas and working with the Council’s Office at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, he’s uniquely qualified to fight for good government and reform of the electoral system.  

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Primary run-off: May 22 (captured most votes in first round)


Gina Ortiz Jones | TX-23

MA in Economics | Airforce vet | US Trade Representative Advisor

Gina will bring a world-class military and economic mind to Congress. She is a first generation American, Air Force Intelligence Officer, former Senior Advisor to the US Trade Representative and an example of the new generation of American leadership. Leadership Now Member Nilmini Rubin appreciated how Gina demonstrated her commitment to sound public policy.

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Primary run-off: May 22 (captured most votes in first round)


Joseph Kopser | TX-21

Army Ranger | MPA | Pentagon | Tech Entrepreneur

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